Border Surveillance on Critical Access Routes

Another challenge of national border protection is the tracking of illegal trade, smuggling and penetration of infiltrators. Such activities might not represent an immediate existential threat, but they do pose a serious danger to modern society.

According to reports from border patrollers and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the methods used by smugglers and drug dealers are highly sophisticated and inventive. A physical fence is not enough to deliver full protection. It requires profound understanding and high tactical skills for the border patrol to cope with this challenge.  Still, human surveillance is simply not enough to intercept the violators. The technical requirements for an effective border surveillance solution are high: it must be totally foolproof, invisible and enduring at the same time.

The SensoGuard SG CAM kit for border surveillance on critical access routes is our smart solution for protecting your country from every type of illegal activity along the national border. Our stand alone ground sensors immediately detect even the most cleverly planned penetration and send an alarm to the enforcement authorities.

Our advanced border security solutions have proven effective in any weather conditions, are easy to deploy, and stand for reliability and high performance.

Bringing safety to a world full of dangers is our stated mission and our ultimate goal.

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The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is SEVERE.

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