InvisiFence system

Reliable Perimeter security:

Buried Intrusion Detection sensors


Secure any land perimeter with a buried line sensors fence, an invisible underground perimeter fence. Our system operates seismic sensors that when placed underground, create an invisible perimeter system around the secured area – one that is impossible to dig under or jump over and is bespoke to your requirements.


InvisiFence is an intrusion detection early warning system, featuring adaptive self-learning algorithms with exceptionally high recognition level of diverse threats. It can distinguish between various threats above or below ground – footsteps, moving vehicles, digging and more – whenever fluctuations occur even before the intrusion takes place. 


The system recognizes small animals and birds below 30 kg, leading to a minimal false alarm rate (FAR). InvisiFence provides a most reliable layer of extra of protection to small and large sites alike.


Great for areas which need an early warning pre-detection system or for areas which has no existing infrastructure or where it is not viable to install fences or walls.


As a buried line sensor, the InvisiFence is especially easy to install and maintain. It comprises seismic sensors strings which are connected to local processing units (6 sensors are connected to each processing unit). 


The processing units are installed in spacing of approx. 40m (130feet), and all of the processing units along the perimeter are connected to a central hub unit via a single cable with a standard RS485 bus connection. A hub is required every 500m (1,640feet). InvisiFence can work standalone or as part of a long perimeter network whereby the hubs are connected together to create a continuous perimeter.


Ideal for local integrators who need a system for clients who need that extra layer of security detection and can be connected into any existing CCTV systems for fast and accurate detection. 


InvisiFence is ideal for:

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Industrial & Commercial


Construction sites

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Country estates, Farms

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High Security areas

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Law Enforcement

Our seismic buried InvisiFence systems are very easy to install
and can easily be extended to.
Step 1: Dig & Cover

Dig a trench about 2 feet deep (30 to 50 cm.) and place the sensor and processing unit inside before covering and compressing the soil. Do this for the complete run length.

Step 2: Connect & Test

Test by stepping in surrounding area until alarm is activated in each zone.

STEP 3: Rest Assured

An activation from any sensor will now give you a live feed from the activated location.