Perimeter Home Security

Seismic Ground Sensors for Home Protection

Ground sensors for perimeter home security by SensoGuard are buried around your property boundary and protect your hard-earned money and precious items, but first of all – the lives of your family.

Underground home perimeter security sensors significantly minimize the chances of theft, burglary or many other unwanted intrusions. 

If your goal is to enhance the protection of your home, you will find the most reliable residential perimeter security system at SensoGuard. 

Our residential perimeter security system consists of unique stand-alone seismic detectors. These are the underground sensors that are installed around your house. We use cutting-edge Military standard technology for designing this reliable security solution. Dry contact outputs are used in our seismic ground sensors and can be easily connected to any normal security alarm system, security lights, sirens, flashing beacons even a CCTV DVR.

Sensitivity Adjustment

SensoGuard private garden protection solution is fit for every type of home and can be adjusted to various sensitivity levels. This prevents the alarm from ringing when there is no real threat or event and offers easy adjustment feature on both sensory and event level.

Enhance protection

Whenever an intruder will try to enter your premises, the system will immediately detect their presence and ring the alarm long before he comes close to your house. This will prevent them from entering your home.

State of the Art Technology

Our private home and garden protection solution offers up to the mark security without any loopholes or errors. It is extremely hard to break or bypass the system. To make this possible, we employ state of the art technology and follow smart adaptive algorithms. If any person tries to dig under the seismic detection system or sabotage it, an alarm would ring.

Completely Invisible

Our security solution is completely invisible because the sensors are completely buried to a depth of 500mm. Hence, it wouldn’t change the appearance of your outdoors and it will be completely hidden from intruders.

Immune to Environmental Conditions

Our buried perimeter system does not falter due to environmental conditions and changes. It is immune to any weather effect; whether it is rain or fog, wind blowing or other. You can rest assured that our system will work without any glitches and malfunctions 24/7/365 if required.

Easy & Quick Installation

The SensoGuard underground sensors are simple to install. Depending your requirements, an outdoor buried security system can take as little as a few hours to install.

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