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Buried Security sensors now available in the UK

It is an exciting time for the UK security industry. Safe Security Solutions has secured a partnership with SensoGuard.com who are a specialist Israeli security company who specialise in the use of Seismic Buried sensors for the detection of potential intruders.

Safe Security Solutions has a dedicated UK website called safeburiedsecurity.co.uk which offers the whole range of buried detection sensors. The system is able to detect digging, footsteps or vehicles without the individual knowing that they have activated a buried security sensor.

Buried perimeter intrusion detection is specialist industry and SensoGuard has many years experience especially within Military sectors. Over the years, this experience has expanded into numerous other business sectors which has allowed the company to expand globally overseas.

Having an underground security system allows for that extra layer of security which can give you the early warning that a possible intruder has entered 'your space'. This space could be a distant location of your lands or a driveway.

Our buried sensor systems are available for Standalone Detectors, Perimeter systems, Portable Tactical kits, Rapid PTZ kits for all types of properties and uses, while being able to connect into most existing security systems.

Contact sales@safeburiedsecurity.co.uk for more information.

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