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New product Launch - MOSS Kit

MOSS stands for Mobile Operations Sensor system. Basically the kit is a a number of wireless sensors that can be switched on, dug into the ground quickly and then controlled remotely by the rugged hand held device.

If someone walks or drives into the location of a buried seismic detection sensor, it will trigger a signal to earpiece of the operator and notify which location has been breached on the screen of the device. It is that simple!!

Each sensor can be re-charged with a battery life of uptown 3 days which is great for being able to monitor a location without giving your position away.

MOSS was designed for Military, LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies), VIP protection and other security operations.

The kit includes all-in-one wireless sensors provide complete 360º situational awareness; Detecting and classifying movement in key locations (penetration routes) and provide early warning to operators on field.

The MOSS system can be installed in minutes by field crew. The system is a Plug and Play, maintenance free and doesn’t requires complex training to operate.

SensoGuard MOSS provides immediate terrain dominance on remote-open areas in a cost effective, and user friendly way.

The system is nw available in the UK through Safe Security Solutions who are the Approved UK Reseller of SensorGuard's buried detection security systems.

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