Prison Perimeter Protection Solution

It has become a need of the hour to use the innovative and cutting-edge technologies to enhance the security of the prisons. A single physical fence alone is not enough to restrict the prisoners in the prison. Therefore, the safest option is to opt for perimeter protection. It offers a wide range of solutions to eliminate the chances of any sort of illegal activity in the prison i.e. digging, tunneling etc. 

SensoGuard is offering the ‘InvisiFence’ for prisons perimeter security. It is a state of the art prisons perimeter protection system which uses underground seismic sensors technology. The InvisiFence prison perimeter protection solution creates an invisible fence around the prison perimeter, which makes it impossible for the prisoners to jump over or dig underneath.

In addition to the existing physical fence around the prison area, a virtual fence, InvisiFence by SensoGuard, will enhance the security up to a great extent. The seismic sensors are placed underground in the Prisons perimeter; these sensors can identify intrusion by any unauthorized person whether they are trying to cross the prison by foot or by digging a tunnel.


The system is programmed to detect any activity whether it is on the ground or underground. Our all-effective prison perimeter protection solution makes it impossible for intruders to bypass or vandalize the system.

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The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is SEVERE.

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