Rapid PTZ kit

Quick and easy to install


Our SensoGuard Rapid Deployment PTZ Kit is the optimal solution for remote site protection where time is critical and perimeter protection or situational awareness is required at all times with minimal installation effort.


The SG-Rapid PTZ Kit provides 360° protection from the ground-up where ever you need it.  Wireless seismic sensors will immediately activate and direct Wireless HD PTZ camera to an intrusion in the area.


Designed for harsh outdoor areas, the SG-Rapid PTZ kit acts as a technology guard tower and provides invisible and reliable security solution for valuable remote assets.


A HD PTZ camera is installed on a tripod or other high point which provides sufficient field of view of the area of interest. Area is secured with wireless seismic sensors (unattended ground sensors or UGS). The unattended ground sensors are battery operated and includes RF UHF transmitter. 


Each seismic sensor covers an area of approx 100sqm and can detect and classify intrusion by foot or vehicles. Whenever an intrusion has been detected, the sensor wirelessly sends alarm to the hub receiver which is connected to the PTZ camera. 


The hub receiver sends Pelco-D command to the PTZ camera which directs the camera to the location of sensor triggered and immediately sends Email alert to the operator.


Live video stream of the point of alarm is immediately been displayed on the operator computer using 3G GSM or Wi-Fi communication. More sensors can be added if required to cover larger area (up to 255 sensors per Hub receiver).


Rapid PTZ cam kits are ideal for:

Zip 114_edited.jpg

Illegal Dumping


Temporary Projects

Animal poaching.jpg

Illegal Hunting / Poaching

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High Security areas

Illegal drugs growing.jpg

Illegal Drugs Growing

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Law Enforcement

Our seismic buried Rapid PTZ kits are very easy to install and are fitted with long-lasting lithium batteries.
Step 1: Dig & Cover

Dig a pit about 2 feet deep (30 to 50 cm.) and place the sensors and processing unit inside before covering and compressing the soil. Position the PTZ camera in the best position.

Step 2: Connect & Test

Connect sensors to processing unit, set the sensitivity level, and test by stepping in surrounding area until alarm is activated.

STEP 3: Rest Assured

An activation from any sensor will now give you a live feed from the activated location.