SG Covert Surveillance Cam kit

Quick and easy to install


Featuring exceptionally rugged military-grade design for various tactical and surveillance applications, our SG Cam (UGS) covert surveillance kit is small, lightweight, and battery powered. With a proven battle-tested track record of over four years, our kit perfectly merges invisible seismic detection technology with aerial camera support – boasting numerous success stories in prevention and protection against illegal dumping, hunting, border intrusion, to name just a few.


At the heart of the kit is a SensoGuard wireless seismic sensor with adaptive algorithms to constantly learn and adapt to environmental noises and search for intrusion patterns. Each buried sensor covers an area of at least 50 sq. m (540 sq. ft.), detecting and classifying both foot and vehicle intrusions. Sensitivity for each type of intrusion can be easily adjusted for each sensor, while the associated concealed camera can be placed up to 50 meters away from the buried sensor.


SG Cam (UGS) covert surveillance kit makes scaling up and customization easy. Each sensor can trigger one or more cameras, or conversely, a single camera can be triggered by several sensors.


Both sensors and cameras of the SG Cam (UGS) covert surveillance kit can be deployed in minutes without any technical training.


Once the buried sensor detects an intrusion, it wirelessly triggers the relevant camera to take an instant photo (or video) of the location where the intrusion occurred.  An MMS or email alert including the photo/video is immediately sent via the mobile data network.


The Kit includes a command and control cloud server and friendly dashboard to easily configure and simultaneously manage multiple kits over the cloud or a local PC.  The dashboard displays a map view of the installed systems, alarm table, systems configurations, among other features.


SG Covert cam kits are ideal for:

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Illegal Dumping


Temporary Projects

Animal poaching.jpg

Illegal Hunting / Poaching

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High Security areas

Illegal drugs growing.jpg

Illegal Drugs Growing

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Law Enforcement

Our seismic buried SG Covert surveillance cam kits are very easy to install
and are fitted with long-lasting lithium batteries.
Step 1: Dig & Cover

Dig a pit about 2 feet deep (30 to 50 cm.) and place the sensor and processing unit inside before covering and compressing the soil. Position the hidden camera in the best position.

Step 2: Connect & Test

Test by stepping in surrounding area until alarm is activated. Image or video should arrive as email or MMS.

STEP 3: Rest Assured

An activation from any sensor will now give you a live feed from the activated location.